Are you tired of feeling like life is a never-ending cycle of obligations and disappointments? Have you forgotten what it’s like to dream, have hope, and feel truly alive?

It’s okay to feel that way and to want a change. We offer transformative life coaching exclusively for women struggling with stagnation and negative emotions such as frustration, apathy, resentment, and fear. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for hope towards a more fulfilling life. As a coach, I can help you identify your goals, barriers, and personal and professional development strategies. Let us help you achieve your dreams and live a happier life.

As women we face different CHALLENGES.

Maybe you are at a crossroads where you must choose between your commitments and hope.

Does it feel like you’re always putting others first, leaving no room for your own dreams and aspirations? You are torn between LOVE and DUTY.

And a little voice inside your head tells you, “You can’t have it all!”. Sometimes that little voice is a high-pitched, annoying noise that holds you back. But you can change it to a subtle, almost imperceptible noise until you beat it.

You just need to acknowledge that it’s time for a POSITIVE change! Then commit to yourself to figure out what you want. Our program can help you to work on your goals and dreams, but most importantly to embrace a New YOU filled with content, fulfillment and HOPE.

Transform Your Life with any of our Exclusive Coaching Packages

Our life coaching services are dedicated to empowering women over 40, who are seeking more from life—more fulfillment, more recognition, and more joy. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an educated housewife with rich life experiences, if you’re feeling stuck or undervalued, this journey is for you. It’s about rekindling your passions, discovering your purpose, and living every day with vibrancy and fulfillment.

Package A – 3 Months

Package B – 6 Months

Package C – 9 Months

BUT FIRST, Your Transformative Journey Starts HERE.

We can help you to figure out what is making you feel that way. Rediscover yourself. Find your purpose in life. Build resilience. Feel excited about your life. Be motivated to wake up every day and have hope. The first step is to schedule a Discovery Call with me.

I know that feeling stuck in life can be like wading through mud—you’re putting in the effort but not getting anywhere. The joy and enthusiasm you once had seem like distant memories.

Our exclusive Discovery Call is your first step towards regaining control. In just 50 minutes, we’ll clear the fog, bringing you closer to the life you’re meant to live.

With our 50-minute, one-on-one Discovery Call, we’ll dig deep and reignite that lost spark, helping you rediscover what it means to live with purpose and passion.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is the program designed for?
    • Women who find themselves feeling stuck in life, grappling with emotional roadblocks such as apathy, frustration, and a waning enthusiasm for their day-to-day existence. A woman who:
      • is open to possibility
      • is eager to act
      • is excited to learn
      • has courage to experiment
      • has desire to collaborate
      • is able to implement
      • is willing to grow
  2. How long does each session last?
    • Each private session is tailored just for you and lasts 60 minutes. We’ll connect once every other week, via Zoom, and you have the option of meeting either through video or audio call.
  3. Do I need to complete the program in a specific timeframe?
    • We recommend completing the program on consecutive every other week for the most cohesive and impactful experience. Consistency allows you to fully immerse in the process, ensuring each session builds on the last. However, we understand that life happens—flexibility can be accommodated.
    • You have two booking options: You can secure all sessions in one go on an specific day and hour provided is still available or choose to book the next session after each completed one. Whatever works best for you!
    • But please note: If you need to reschedule a session, it’s essential to do so at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled start time. This policy allows us to manage our time and serve all clients effectively. Keep in mind that once a session is booked, I decline other client requests to honor that time slot for you. Your commitment to this journey is crucial, not just for you but also for the effectiveness of the program. So, do your best to honor the sessions booked and we’ll do our utmost to guide you through your transformative journey
  4. What kind of commitment is required from me?
    • We sign a Client Service Agreement before the first session starts. All rights and obligations are included in that document.
    • We expect your sincere emotional and time commitment to make the most of this transformative journey. Outside of our 60-minute bi-weekly sessions, you’ll have personalized homework assignments, depending the program you enrolled in, designed to deepen your understanding and accelerate your growth. Active participation in these exercises is crucial for achieving the desired outcomes.
    • So, we expect you to show up on time for coaching sessions and do preparation work such as “homework” assignments, if it applies to you.
  5. What kind of activities and exercises will I be doing?
    • We believe that transformation happens on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels, taking the whole person into consideration. We use a holistic approach, integrating Body, Mind & Soul + All-Senses-Inclusive + Intuition + Emotional Awareness to create well-being and fulfillment in all areas of life that are important to you.
    • Our program incorporates a diverse range of activities between sessions as homeworks or techniques, designed to facilitate your personal growth and transformation. These include journaling to capture your thoughts and feelings, creating vision boards to help visualize your goals, guided meditation for mindfulness, and grounding exercises to foster emotional balance. Additional activities may involve breathwork for stress management, affirmations for building self-confidence, and role-playing exercises to practice new behavioral techniques. All depends on your needs and the package you enrolled in.
  6. How does the program help with specific emotional barriers?
    • Each session is engineered to dismantle these emotional roadblocks, providing you with the tools to overcome them in your daily life. BUT it all depends of your particular needs. That’s why filling out the Intake Form and the Discovery Call are so important.
  7. Are there any additional resources or support networks available as part of the program?
    • We understand that support between sessions is crucial for your journey. That’s why we offer email and text support to address any questions or challenges you may encounter along the way. Rest assured, we make it a priority to respond within 48 hours. Additionally, you’ll receive templates and guides specifically designed to supplement your growth between our meetings, depending on the package you enrolled in. For further enrichment, we offer practical tips that may include curated recommendations for books, podcasts, and other valuable resources.
  8. What kind of results can I expect from completing this program?
    • Depending on the package you enrolled in, upon completing the program, you can expect a variety of significant transformation. You’ll likely experience an improved emotional state, clarity and confidence. The tools and insights gained will empower you to break free from life stagnation, reignite your enthusiasm, revitalize your mindset and feel happier. Ultimately, you’ll be better equipped to handle life’s challenges and will possess a renewed sense of purpose and direction.
  9. How much does the program cost and what is the refund policy?
    • Our pricing is structured to offer flexibility and value, with two payment options to suit your needs. We also stand by the effectiveness of our program. If you diligently have a biweekly session, implement the method and complete all homework assignments, but do not see any value or change during the first 30 calendar days since the first life coaching session, we offer a limited ‘Money-Back Guarantee.’ To be eligible, you must submit a written request to within the 30 calendar days of completing the first session. If you can show me that you’ve gone through the steps, did the work, and still don’t feel that you have a solid transformation foundation in place, then I insist that you reach out within 30 calendar days to get a refund for the remaining unused sessions, provided you’ve paid for those in advance and what payment option you choose.
    • For more details, please refer to “Client’s Service Agreement”.

Ready to ignite the spark in your life?

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